Friday, March 12, 2010

Love IS Vedastra

Valmiki was a dreaded criminal . He had a family comprising of his wife , one son, one daughter and old parents . The forest he lived was a place nobody dared to cross . One day Rishi narda thought to improve the character of valmiki . He went to forest and was under the catch of the criminal . OK Narda said to valmiki , go and ask your members that how many are with you if you go to hell ? Valmiki tied the narda to a tree and went his home . No man you are earning the money in this way , we all are not with you , you alone go to the hell and right from today do not come here again , the family members replied in a common voice . Valmiki returned and caught hold the feet of Narda , O saint please help me not going to hell . Narda told this is nothing but LOVE you can offer to all . Nobody knows about tomorrow , so start from today . Valmiki understood , he freed narda , offered the fruits and fresh water and touched the narda’s feet . This was the daily routine of Valmiki from that day and he was gifted with the money from everybody he served and the forest was heaven , his family was happy . Valmiki recited the teaching given by narda…..aratha na dharama na kama ruchi gati na cahaun nirvana,
janama janama rati prem prati yaha baradanu na ana..
"I have no liking for wealth nor for religious merit nor for sensuous enjoyment nor
again do I seek the state of perfect and perpetual calm. Birth after birth let me have
devotion to : LOVE : this is the only boon I ask and nought else."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seeing and Believing

A Person should think twice before doing .It has also been observed that in many cases seeing is not believing , and it occurs .It is a fact that the birds of same feathers fly together does mean that , teach the lesson a person in the language he understands and not the other . Many troubles arise for a gentle one . Sugreeva and Bali were real brothers and great friends too . Sugreeva tells to Rama .My lord, Bali and myself are two brothers. The affection that existed between us
was past all telling. Once upon a time, O lord, the son of the demon Maya, who was
known by the name of Mayavi, came to our town. At dead of night he called
out at the gate of the town. bali could not brook his enemy.s challenge to a bout and
sallied forth to meet him. But when he saw bali coming, he took to flight. I too had
accompanied my brother. The enemy went and entered the cave of a big mountain. Then
bali gave instructions to me, .Await my return till a fortnight. If I do not return, then take
me as slain.. When I had waited there for a month, O lord, a copious stream
of blood issued from the cave. I, therefore, concluded that the demon had slain bali and
that he would come and kill me too. Accordingly I blocked the mouth of the cave with
a rock and fled away. When the ministers saw the town without a master, they forced
me to accept the throne. Meanwhile bali, who had killed the enemy, returned home and
saw me (installed on the throne), he nursed a grudge against me in his heart. He gave
me a most severe beating as he would an enemy, and robbed me of all that I had
including my wife. For fear of him, O gracious Hero of Raghu.s line, I wandered all over
the world in a pitiable condition. A curse prevents him from coming over here; yet I
remain ill at ease in mind.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Utility of knowledge in welfare of all is called VEDASTRA . Knowledge may be gained from scriptures or from the previous experiences . A human should make his habit or character in a noble position. The Ocean has made his position in such a way that all the rivers feed him without any effort . Take examples from previous practical experiences as Maturity and examples from scriptures as Common sense .If anybody does not follow this , suffers . Maricha a demon in tretayuga was spared by Lord rama with a lesson to live in peace , but ravna did not understood from his experience and created a position in which Maricha was lastly killed . The ten-headed Ravna
approached Maricha and bowed his head to him, selfish and vile as he was. The
meekness of a mean creature is a source of great trouble like the bending of a goad,
bow, snake or cat. The friendly speech of a villain is as dangerous
as the flowers that blossom out of season. After doing him homage Maricha respectfully enquired of him his errand: .Wherefore,
my son, are you so much disturbed in mind that you have come all the way alone? .Assume the false appearance of a wily deer, so that I may be able to abduct the princess..
Maricha, however, remonstrated, .Listen, Ravna: though disguised as a man, He is the lord
of the whole animate and inanimate creation. There can be no quarrel with Him, dear son;
we die when He would have us die and live only by His sufferance. Those very princes
had gone to guard the sacrifice of the sage Vishwamitra, when rama (the Lord of
Raghus) smote me with a pointless arrow, that threw me at a distance of many miles in an
instant. It will not be good to antagonize them. I find myself reduced to the position of an
insect ( a wasp-like winged creature) inasmuch as I behold
the two brothers wherever I look. Even if they are human beings, dear son, they are
remarkable heroes nonetheless; and opposition to them will not avail. .Therefore, considering the welfare of your race you had better return home..
When he heard this he flared up and showered many abuses on Maricha. .You fool, you
presume to teach me as if you were my preceptor. Tell me which warrior in this world
is a match for me.. Then Maricha thought to himself, .It does not do one good to make
enemies of the following nine, viz., one skilled in the use of a weapon, he who knows
one.s secret, a powerful master, a dunce, a wealthy man, a physician, a panegyrist, a
poet, an expert cook.. Either way he saw he must die: hence he sought refuge in the
Lord of Raghus. .If I argue further, the wretch would kill me; why, then, should I not be
killed by rama.s arrows?.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This has been observed that a poor wants to be rich , an eastern wants to copy western and thus everyone who feels inferior wants to copy to a superior , nobody bothers which is finally true and feasible and what is ultimately true .
Krsn asks to Arjun…
Kacchid ajnaanasammohah pranashtaste dhananjaya.
Has the DELUSION of thy
ignorance been fully destroyed, O Dhananjaya?
So here it is understood that delusion is more harmful compared to ignorance .
Or in other words in the same trend we find that something is more important than gyan , accordingly . Also many times we feel awake and know that , oh I was dreaming , while that remains another dream , so it is dream under dream .
Now Krsn tells about the factor which is more important that gyan…
Jyotishaamapi tajjyotistamasah paramuchyate;
That, the Light of all lights, is beyond darkness; it is said to be knowledge.
O , my devotee…..and that is what I mean , the Devotion .
The dialogue between Rama , Laxmana and Parashram tends to identify the , Ignorance , the Delusion and the Real truth . Parashram asked…. Flying into a rage he
spoke in harsh tones,.Tell me, O stupid Janaka, who has broken the bow ? Hearing the sage.s words
Laksmana smiled and said insulting Parashurama (the wielder of an axe), .I have broken
many a small bow in my childhood; but you never grew so angry, my lord. Why should
you be so fond of this particular bow?. At this the Parashram burst out in
a fury:. .O young prince, being in the grip of death you have no control over your
speech. Would you compare to a small bow the mighty bow of shiva, that is known
throughout the world?. .Do not bring woe to your parents, O princely lad, My most cruel axe has
exterminated even unborn offspring in the womb.. .Pardon me, O great and illumined hermit, if I have said anything unseemly at the
sight of your weapons.. Hearing this, the Parashram furiously rejoined in a
deep voice: Joining both His palms together and speaking in most humble, gentle and placid
tones Rama said, .I pray you, my lord: wise as you are by nature, pay no heed to
the words of a child. A wasp and a child have alike disposition; saints never find fault
with them. Besides, the boy has done you no harm; it is I, my lord, who have offended
you. Then Parashurama spoke to Rama, his heart boiling with rage, .Having broken
Shambhu.s bow, O wretch, do you now teach me?. Rama replied… .Seeing you equipped with an axe, arrows and bow, the boy took you for a champion
and got excited. Although he knew you by name, he did not recognize you in person and
answered you according to his lineage. If you had come as a sage, the child, O holy sir,
would have placed the dust of your feet on his head. Forgive the error of one who did not
know you; a Brahmina should have plenty of mercy in his heart. What comparison, my
lord, can there be between you and me? Tell me if there is any affinity between the head
and feet. Mine is a small name consisting of the single word .Rama.; where as yours is a
long one, having the word .Parashu. prefined to .Rama.. O lord, whereas there is only one
merit in me and that is my bow while you have got nine most auspicious characteristics
such as; tranquillity, restraint, penance, purity, forbearance, straight forwardness, knowledge,
supreme knowledge and faith in God. I am thus inferior to you in everyway; therefore, O
holy sir, forgive my faults.. He then recognized Rama.s might and his whole frame was thrilled with joy and
his hair stood on end. Joining his palms together he addressed the respected words to
Rama, his heart bursting with emotion:

Friday, March 5, 2010


Contentment is the basic mantra , every hindu scripture teaches .Female is said the main contributing member of the family , who makes the balance and finally the contentment . King Dasharath fell in wrong hands of Kekayee and Ram went to forests . Laxman was scolded in vain and finally Sitaharan happened and led to Ram Ravana war , taking enormous lives .It was Draupadi who insulted Duryodhan and the Mahabharat war was the result .This is not a proverb ,but the reality , THE lady and the grass of neighbourhood looks pleasant .The lady in neighbourhood is always kind to the every member of the family in side , but if taken for her own family ,she will always be frustrated , frustration for luxuries , frustration for many factors totally unwanted for usual living .Similarly the member making best effort for his own lawn will never see his effort positive and will compare as inferior to side one .The whole matter sums to frustration and finally lack of contentment .