Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vedastra-Thank GOD

The soul being Brahman there is no question to merge with Brahman . Therefore I too have never come across with the idea of moksha being such as to be liberated for ever .Vedas call many of demigods to drink somrasa , so how anybody can say them to be liberated ? There is another word : jeevanmukta : but it is not moksha . Krsn says : na nivartante : means jeevanmukta . Gita shloka Eehante kaamabhogaartha 12/16 does not talk of moksha , Arth dharma kamadik bhoga , here ramcharitmanas also does not talk of moksha . Can a sun ray go back to sun ? NO .Can a fire flame come back to wood ? NO . Can a drop of sea water evaporated and drawn to a distance come back ? NO .Can an inhaling air be again taken ? NO . There is no moksha and the soul will have to bear all results of all deeds performed here in the earth , be it this life or other . Therefore never be engaged to bad deeds the Antaratma[ inner pious soul ] does not allow OR suffer .Swamiji laughed .The shop keeper said that the dog is very stupid and always tries to sit near the cash chest therefore I hit him . Swamiji told the shop keeper , gentleman this is your father who died two years back . Oh , but it is empty the man replied . Swamiji was stunned to note , thank god ,me is stupid and not the dog . Veda says…Vishnu karmani pashyash , see the strange nature, as the Performer .most often, in this world that we live, we are all more focused on who the other person is than trying to understand who I am. Often we are judgmental about any and every one around us - without even bothering about our own qualification to sit on judgment! Therefore Say good bye to moksha and be a noble human being . ino viśvasya bhuvanasya ghopāḥ sa mā dhīraḥ pākamatrā viveśa || 21/164/1mndlm
There is the Universe's mighty Keeper, who, wise, hath entered into me the simple.
tasyedāhuḥ pippalaṃ svādvaghre tan non naśad yaḥpitaraṃ na veda || 22/164/1mndlm
Upon its top they say the fig is luscious: none gaineth it who knoweth not the Father.

suparṇaṃ viprāḥ kavayo vacobhirekaṃ santaṃ bahudhākalpayanti |5/114/10mndlm

Him with fair wings though only One in nature, wise singers shape, with songs, in many figures….

If somebody tries to learn , this devotion , is the concept of jeeva being the part of parmatma , but not the parmatma and hence attaining the moksha . .

Vedastra-the scientific

Conclusion or inference of Vedas should be followed as they are the oldest scriptures . The scientific followings with text of Vedas is vedastra .Vedmantra Aa jaya yuvate patim 2/105/rig 1 tells the most scientific reason for women to choose their husband for coming generation to be fittest . Prachchhamyavamam kva ryatam purvyam gatam kastaddvibharti nutano vittam , o modern people remember your old simple behaviours and follow . Kshatriyasya vishvayoryavishve amruta yatha nah 1/42/rig 1 says we are every powerful and have the positivity .Krsn hints arjuna to be the powerful , similarly as the magnitude of sun rays , kashchiket katmam dyam rashmih 7/35/rig 1 and Kutastwaa kashmalam idam vishame samupasthitam;
Anaaryajushtam aswargyam akeertikaram arjuna.

Whence is this perilous strait come upon thee, this dejection which is unworthy of thee,
disgraceful, and which will close the gates of heaven upon thee? Vedas always tell to follow noble path Sura twamasi shushmini Som a esh ma…yaj7/19Payo dadhih somrupam…..21/19yajSom has got it’s own properties , but anything suitable and healthy can also be as useful as som is . Som has also got the adverse properties if not used properly and is termed as sura .the Vedmantra…Aum kratam smar , klibe smar , krato smar .This is very important to follow this mantra . The human has been termed as klibe means as immature as wet earth . If the human follows the som properties , he becomes sur or noble[ krato] and if not follows he becomes asur or demon [kratam ] .Goswamiji termed Ravna as asur and Vibhison as sur, both being from same family but following Wisdom at Diversion and Devotion path respectively . See…Ravna says….If thereforethe Lord Himself, the Delighter of the gods and the Reliever of Earth.s burden, hasappeared on earth, I will go and resolutely fight with him and cross the ocean of mundaneexistence by falling to His arrows. Adoration is out of question in this (demoniac) body,which is made up of the principle of ignorance, Tamasa.Vibhison says…..My lord, I am Ravna.s brother. Having been bornin the demon race. O Protector of gods, my body has the element of Tamas (inertia andignorance) preponderating in it and I have a natural affinity for sins even as an owl is fondof darkness..Having heard with my own ears of Your fair renown I have come to You with thebelief that my lord (You) dissipates the fear of rebirth. Save me, save me, O Hero ofRaghu.s line, reliever of distress, delighter of those who take refuge in you..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Concept of Hindu[sanatan] dharm is as simple as other dharm’s almighty oneness .Prayaanakaale manasaachalenaBhaktyaa yukto yogabalena chaiva;Bhruvormadhye praanamaaveshya samyakSa tam param purusham upaiti divyam.At the time of death, with unshaken mind, endowed with devotion and by the power ofYoga, fixing the whole life-breath in the middle of the two eyebrows, he reaches that resplendentSupreme Person , the one Almighty .Now , hindu dharm tells to achieve this goal either by leaving no chance or by attaining the human body in second time and this human body can be achieved only when human form of the almighty is in mind at the death time , that is symbolic worship .Antakaale cha maameva smaran muktwaa kalevaram;Yah prayaati sa madbhaavam yaati naastyatra samshayah.And whosoever, leaving the body, goes forth remembering , the almighty form alone at the time of death,he attains same being; there is no doubt about this.This is great BHAGWAT GITA GYAN .Also as per Vedas human form can be achieved , three times only , 1st for knowledge 2nd for duty and 3rd for bhakti or liberation .
The Avtar [incarnation] theory for DUTY is as follows…
Praapya punyakritaam lokaanushitwaa shaashwateeh samaah;
Shucheenaam shreemataam gehe yogabhrashto’bhijaayate.
Having attained to the worlds of the righteous and, having dwelt there for everlasting
years, he who fell from Yoga is reborn in the house of the pure and wealthy .

Athava yoginaameva kule bhavati dheemataam;
Etaddhi durlabhataram loke janma yadeedrisham.

Or he is born in a family of even the wise Yogis; verily a birth like this is very difficult to obtain in this world .
For three births , first gyan comes…Rasavarjam raso’pyasya param drishtwaa nivartate.The objects of the senses turn away from the abstinent man, leaving the longing(behind); but his longing also turns away on seeing the Supreme.Then comes the duty…..Jijnaasurapi yogasya shabdabrahmaativartate.By that very former practice he is borne on in spite of himself. Even he who merelywishes to know Yoga transcends the Brahmic word. Then at last liberation is achieved……Kimaachaarah katham chaitaam streen gunaan ativartate.What are the marks of him who has crossed over the three qualities, O Lord? What is hisconduct and how does he go beyond these three qualities?