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Ramcharitmanas and Ramarajya

Why India is striving for Ramarajya , the only answer is Happy equality to all . The glory of rama has been narrated by a Crow [ Kagbhusundi ji ] , which was the bird of
very low and poor class ,, still the head of birds offers him praise and takes the knowledge from him . The story of Lord Rama is as follows...Garuda said ,
Now dear Crow, narrate to me with due reverence the most sacred story of Rama, which is everdelightful and a cure for all sufferings. This is what I beg of you again and again. Themoment Crow heard Garudas prayer, humble, sincere, loving; delightful and pious, asupreme joy diffused over his soul and he commenced recounting the virtues of rama(the Lord of the Raghus). First of all, with fervent devotion, he gave anelaborate description of the lake of rama which exploits all evils. Next he told about Narda terribleinfatuation and then of Ravanas incarnation. Thereafter he sang the story of the Lorddescent and then recounted with deep interest His childlike sports .After narrating His boyish sports of various kinds with the utmost rapture of soulhe told of the sage (Viswamitra) arrival and thereafter of ramas wedding. Then he narrated the episode of ramas projected installaion (as the Prince-Regent of Ayodhya) and after that he spoke of the sudden interruption in the festivitiesconnected with the installation due to King Dasaratha solemn pledge (to Kaikey), as wellas of the citizens agony at Rama parting. He then reproduced the dialogue betweenrama and Lakshmana and further described their journey to the forest, the devotion ofthe boatman and their ferrying across the celestial stream (Ganga) and halt at Prayaga.He further described the Lord meeting with the sage Valmiki and how the divine ramaso journed at Chitrakoota. Again, he then told of the minister (Sumantra) return to thecapital, the King demise, Bharata coming back (from his maternal grandfather) as wellas his abundant love (for rama). He further related how after performing the Kingobsequies Bharata with all the citizens betook himself to where the All-blissful Lord was,and how when the Lord of the Raghus consoled him in every way he took the Lordssandals and returned to the city of Ayodhya. crow continued and described Bharatamode of life (at Nandigrama), the (mischievous) conduct of Jayanta (the son of Indra, thelord of the celestials) and the Lords meeting with the sage Atri .After giving an account of Viradhs, the devil death (at the hands of the Lord) he told howthe sage sarbhanga dropped his body, and further described sutikshana devotion andalso the Lords holy communion with the sage Agastya. After speaking about the purification of the Dandaaka forest crowtold of theLords friendship with the vulture king (Jatayu). He further narrated how the Lord took upHis abode at Panchvati and dissipated the fears of all the hermits. Then came the Lordsincomparable exhortation to Lakshamana and the story of surpanakhas mutilation. Hefurther narrated the death of Khara and Dooshanaa (at the Lords hands) and how Ravna(the ten-headed monster) got all the information. Again, he then told all the particulars ofthe latters talk with Maricha. Thereafter he described the abduction of the fictitious Sita[ maya sita ]and briefly referred to the desolation of rama (the Hero of Raghus line). After thishe told how the Lord performed the Obsequies of the vulture king, slew the demonKabandha and bestowed the highest state (final beatitude) on sabari (the Bhila woman),and further narrated how the Hero of Raghus line went to the bank of the Pampa lake,bewailing His desolation all the way. After repeating the Lords talk with the sage Narada as well as the episode of Hismeeting with the son of the wind-good, crow told of ramas alliance with Sugrivaand of Vali monkey death at His hands. He further related how after installing Sugriva (on thethrone of Kiskindha) the Lord took up His abode on Mount Pravarasana, gave an accountof the rains as well as of the autumn that immediately followed and told of ramaswrath on Sugriva and the latters dismay. The crow further narrated how Sugriva (the lord of the monkeys) sent out monkeys,who rushed forth in every direction in quest of Sita; how the party sent to the south entereda cave and were met later on by Sampati (Jatayus elder brother); how after hearing all thenews from him the son of the wind-god jumped over the vast ocean, how the monkey chiefmade his way into Lanka and how later on he saw and reassured Sita; how after layingwaste the grove (where Sita had been lodged) and exhorting Ravnaa he set fire to hiscapital and leapt back across the sea; how the whole party of the monkeys rejoined theLord of the Raghus and told Him of Sitas welfare and how the Hero of Raghus line with Hisarmy went and encamped on the seashore and how Vibhisana came and saw Him; andfurther recited the story of the oceans subjugation. Crow then narrated how after building a bridge across the ocean the monkeyhost crossed over to the other side and how the most heroic son of Vali went as anenvoy to Ravana. He further described the conflict between the demons and themonkeys in all its phases, and in course of it the might and valour, and eventually thedestruction, of Kumbhakarna and Meghanada. The crow then told about the extermination of the demon host and the various phasesof the combat between the Lord of the Raghus and Ravnaa, Ravanas death and Mandodarislament, the enthronement of Vibhisana, the cessation of the gods sorrow and Sitas reunionwith the Lord of the Raghus. He further narrated how the gods with joined palms hymnedthe Lords praises, how the All-merciful Lord then mounted the aerial car known by thename of Pushpaka alongwith the monkeys and flew to Ayodhya and how rama arrivedat His own capital and all such holy doings. He then told of rama coronation and alsodescribed the city and all its kingly polity. In this way crow narrated the whole story. When he heard the whole of Ramas narrative, Garuda [ king of birds ] mind was filled with rapture and then Crow spoke as follows: Witnessing the doings of rama (the Lord ofthe Raghus) the citizens repeatedly said, Blessed is the All-blissful Lord Ramasinstallation to the throne brought joy to all the three spheres and ended all their sorrows. Noone bore enmity to another; ramas glory had obliterated all disharmony.Devoted to duty each according to his own class and stage of life, the people trodthe path of the Vedas and enjoyed happiness. They knew no fear, nor sorrow nordisease.nay, everyone acknowledged the services and benefits received from others and therewas no guileful prudence.Listen, O king of the birds, (continues Kagbhusundi,) during Lord Ramas reign there was not a creature in this world, animate or inanimate, that was liable to any of thesufferings attributable to time, past conduct, personal temperament and character.

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The great saint Tulsidas says…
Is spiritual illumination possible without a preceptor ? Or, again, is it possible to
acquire wisdom without dispassion? Or, as the holy scriptures declare, can one
attain happiness without devotion to Almighty? Again can one find peace
without innate content? Can a boat ever float without water even though you strain every
nerve till your last breath? Without content desire cannot cease; and so long as desire continues you can
never dream of happiness. Again, can desire be got rid of without adoring contentment ? Can
a tree ever take root without soil? Can even-mindedness be acquired without spiritual
enlightenment? Can anyone get moving limitlessly without space? There can be no piety
without faith. Can anyone get odour except from the earth matters and spread one,s glory except
through austere penance? Can there be any taste in this world without water? Can virtue
be acquired without waiting upon the wise, any more than colour can exist without the
element of sunlight? Can the mind be at rest without experiencing the joy inherent
in one,s own self? Can there be any sensation of touch without air, and any success
without faith? In a like manner the fear of rebirth can never cease except through worship of God .
Can suffering ensue from solicitude for others. well-being? Can anyone possessing
the philosopher.s stone, say gold or diamond suffer from poverty any longer ? Can the malevolent be free from
anxiety? Can the sensualist escape obloquy? Can one,s posterity survive even though
one has persecuted the saints? Can one continue to perform actions (with
attachment) even after attaining Self-Realization? Has anyone acquired sound wisdom
while living in the company of the vicious? Can an adulterer attain a happy destiny? Can
those who have realized God fall again into the ocean of transmigration? Can the revilers
of good souls be ever happy? Can a kingdom stand without a knowledge of statecraft? Can
sins persist even after one has commenced narrating welfare of all? Can one enjoy
sacred renown without religious merit and can anyone earn a bad reputation without a
sin? Is there any gain as valuable as Devotion to God, which is glorified alike by
saints as well as by the holy scriptures ? And is there any loss in the world
as grievous as that of the man who fails to adore welfare of all ,even after obtaining a human
body? Is there any other sin so bad as backbiting or any virtue so great as compassion .Is there any demigod other than that human who in the universe always thinks of Nonvoilence , helping all creatures and making the Earth as per natural environment free from all pollutions .


The great saint Tulsidas has hinted to avoid many bad habits . He says, is there anyone in this
world whom lust has not made a puppet of? Who has not been maddened by the thirst
for enjoyment and whose heart has not been inflamed by anger? Is there any sage, ascetic, hero, seer, man of learning or man of virtue in this
world, whom greed has not batrayed? Again, whom has the pride of pelf not perverted?
Who has not been deafened by power?
Who is not thrown out of his mental equipoise by the combined action of the
modes as by the synchronous derangement of the humours of
the body eg.false ego , pride ,negative use of scientific facilities ,which generally proves fatal to the victim according to the principles of
health? None has escaped the stings of pride and arrogance. Who does not get
wildly excited under an attack of fever in the form of youth and whose good reputation
is not marred by worldly attachment? Who does not incur obloquy through envy and who
is not shaken by the blast of grief? Who is not bitten by the serpent of anxiety? And is there
anyone in this world who is not overcome by false attachment (the delusive potency of God)?
Again, is there anyone so resolute of mind, whose body is not being consumed by desire
as a piece of wood is eaten away by a wooded-borer? Whose mind has not been
polluted by the threefold desire.the desire of progeny, the desire of wealth and the desire of fame?

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The Chariot of Victory

A warrior in the battle is victorious similarly a man in society is respectable if he has the following chariot possessing the defined qualities as Goswamiji explains in Lankakand .Lord Rama tells to Vibhishan , his bhakt, ..

Vibhishan was disconcerted when he saw Ravna mounted on a chariot and the
Hero of Ayodhya,Lord Rama without any. His great fondness for the Lord filled his mind with
diffidence; and bowing to His feet he spoke with a tender heart: .My lord, You have no
chariot nor any protection either for Your body (in the shape of armour) or for Your feet
(in the shape of shoes). How, then, can You expect to conquer this mighty Ravna.
.Listen, friend:. replied the All-merciful Rama, .the chariot which leads one to victory is quite
another. Valour and fortitude are the wheels of that chariot, while truthfulness and good
conduct are its enduring banner and standard. Even so strength, discretion, self-control
and benevolence are its four horses, that have been joined to the chariot with the cords
of forgiveness, compassion and evenness of mind. Adoration of God is the expert driver;
dispassion, the shield and contentment, the sword. Again, charity is the axe; reason, the
fierce lance and the highest wisdom, the relentless bow. A pure and steady mind is like
a quiver; while quietude and the various forms of abstinence (Yamas) and religious
observances (Niyamas) are a sheaf of arrows. Homage to the saints and to one.s
own preceptor is an impenetrable coat of mail; there is no other equipment for victory as
efficacious as this. My friend, he who owns such a chariot of piety shall have no enemy
to conquer anywhere..

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The mantras of Vedastras/guidance

People usually ask the MANTRA of life. No doubt if proper guidance is in life , it is very useful. Goswamiji has instructed all necessary rules as guidance in Kishkindhakand of Ramcharitmans , describing the rainy season.
The peacocks dance at the sight of the clouds, even as
a householder having a leaning towards dispassion would rejoice to see a devotee of
Parmatma.. .The clouds are fast gathering in the sky and making a terrible noise.
Amid the clouds, like the friendship of the wicked, which never endures. The pouring
clouds cleave close to the ground even as the learned stoop beneath accumulated lore.
The mountains endure the buffeting of showers even as a saint would put up with the
taunts of the wicked. The swelling streamlets rush with great speed just as the wicked
would feel elated even with a small fortune. The water becomes turbid the moment it
descends on earth, even as the an embodied soul is enveloped in maya. as soon
as born. The water coming from various directions gathers into a pool even as
commendable virtues find their way into the heart of a noble soul. The water of the
stream, becomes still once it pours into the ocean, just as the ego finds eternal rest on
attaining union with Almighty.The green earth is so choked with grass that the tracks cannot be distinguished,
just as holy books are obscured by heretic doctrines.On all sides one hears the delightful croaking of frogs, which reminds one of a
batch of religious students chanting the Vedas. Clothed with new leaves the trees of
different species look as green and cheerful as the mind of a striving soul who has
attained spiritual wisdom. The leaves of the certain plants have fallen off even
as under a good government the plans of the wicked come to naught. Dust cannot be
found even if one searches for it, just as piety is scared away by anger. The earth rich
with crops appears as delightful as the wealth of a generous man. In the thick darkness
of the night fireflies gleam like a mustered band of hypocrites. The embankments of the
fields have been breached by torrential rains just as ignorant get spoiled by freedom.
Clever farmers protect their crop by uprooting the weeds, just as the wise discard
infatuation, vanity and pride. The certain birds are no more to be seen, just as virtues
disappear with the failed law and order. Even though it rains on the barren lands as well, not a blade
of grass sprouts on it, just as concupiscence takes no root in the heart of a servant of
Almighty. The earth looks charming with the swarms of various living creatures even as
the population grows under a good government. Many a traveller has stopped
here and there just as with the dawning of wisdom the senses become still. Sometimes a strong wind would blow and disperse the clouds in various
directions, just as with the birth of an unworthy son the noble traditions of a family get
extinct. Now it becomes pitch dark even during the day, while at other times the sun
would shine brightly, just as the light of wisdom is obscured in the company of the vile
and manifests itself in the company of the good.

The constellation known by the name of Agastya
(Canopus) has appeared and dried up the water on the roads even as contentment
swallows greed. The limpid water of the rivers and lakes looks charming as a saint.s heart
devoid of pride and infatuation. Drop by drop the water of the streams and lakes is drying up
even as the wise shake off the possessive instinct. Knowing that the autumn had set in the
one winter bird has made its appearance, just as the welcome fruit of one.s meritorious
deeds appears at the appointed time (neither sooner nor later). Devoid of mud and dust the
earth has assumed a lovely aspect just like the administration of a monarch well-versed in
politics. The fish are distressed on account of the diminishing waters even as an improvident
householder suffering from want of money. The cloudless sky is shining as bright as a
devotee of Almighty, who has abandoned all desires. Here and there we have light autumnal
showers, just as a rare soul comes to develop devotion. .Kings and ascetics, merchants and mendicants are gladly leaving the city (kings
for extending their dominions, ascetics in search of a suitable place for practising
penance, merchants for carrying on their trade and mendicants for begging alms), just
as men in any of the four stages of life cease to toil (for perfection) once they have
acquired devotion to Parmatma .In deep waters the fish are as happy as ever, just as those who have taken
refuge in Almighty never fall into trouble of any kind. With full-blown lotuses
the lake appears as charming as when the absolute Brahma appears with form. The
bees are making a humming sound which possesses a unique melody of its own, and
the birds a charming concert of diverse sounds. The nasty bird is sad at heart to
see the night, just as a villain is grieved at the sight of another.s fortune. The one bird
cries out in its agony of excessive thirst just as an enemy of Parmatma knows no rest.
The moon by night relieves the heat of the autumnal sun, just as the sight of a holy man
drives away sin. Flocks of birds fix their gaze on the moon as soon as she
comes to their view, even as the votaries of Brahma on meeting Him. Mosquitoes and
gadflies have perished due to fear of cold, just as hostility to the saints brings, ruin
to the entire family.
The insects that teemed on the earth have perished with the advent of the
autumn, just as a man who has found a teacher in the real sense of the term is rid of
all doubt and error.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The positive Will Power

Krsn says…Niyatam karm kuru te , or perform the work which is as per prakriti . Prakriti directs to works which are certified by the Holy scriptures or Tasmatchhastram pramanam . Again Krsn says…Ichhaptum or have a strong positive desire . Krsn shows it also . See , Arjun sees the universe in Almighty as he desires…

Evametadyathaattha twamaatmaanam parameshwara;
Drashtumicchaami te roopamaishwaram purushottama.
O Supreme Lord, as Thou hast thus described Thyself, O Supreme Person, I wish
to see Thy Divine Form!

Lord Rama desires and declaires…Nishicharheen karahun mahi .
Goswamiji confirms it..
Subhichha karihahu man mahin, ramkripa kachhu durlabh nahin .

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Noble Living

Everybody wants a hint for noble living . Gita explains in simple . All the different parameters have been derived from this teaching .

Abhayam sattwasamshuddhih jnaanayogavyavasthitih;
Daanam damashcha yajnashcha swaadhyaayastapa aarjavam.
Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness in Yoga and knowledge, alms-giving, control
of the senses, sacrifice, study of scriptures, austerity and straightforwardness,
Ahimsaa satyamakrodhas tyaagah shaantirapaishunam;
Dayaa bhooteshvaloluptwam maardavam hreerachaapalam.
Harmlessness, truth, absence of anger, renunciation, peacefulness, absence of
crookedness, compassion towards beings, uncovetousness, gentleness, modesty, absence of
Tejah kshamaa dhritih shauchamadroho naatimaanitaa;
Bhavanti sampadam daiveem abhijaatasya bhaarata.
Vigour, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, absence of hatred, absence of pride—these belong
to one born in a divine state .
Dambho darpo’bhimaanashcha krodhah paarushyameva cha;
Ajnaanam chaabhijaatasya paartha sampadamaasureem.
Hypocrisy, arrogance, self-conceit, harshness and also anger and ignorance, belong to
one who is born in a demoniacal state .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Truth

My submission says that there can be two aspects of thinking 1. scientific 2. logicalScientific is just the property of matter, five elements defined by VedasLogical is based on interpretation of VedmantrasAll Hindu scriptures are derived from Vedas, because only and only Vedmantras are authenticUpnishads , Agamas, purans and so more ,all are referred from Vedas .Gita and Ramcharitmanas may be said to explain Vedas…The only Tattva, say paramtattva is Imperishable BRAHMA [ Bramha is original source of Brahman means Ved ] , similarly as Vedakshar is Imperishable and that the Parmatma is one or Advait . Now see from different scriptures….Ekam sad vipra bahudha vadanti rig1/164/46Bhutanyatmaivabhud yaj40/7Twam Bramha raivid Brahmanspate rig2/1/3Yogin Paramtattvamay bhakha RamcharitmanasYo maam pashyati sarvatra sarvam cha mayi pashyati;Tasyaaham na pranashyaami sa cha me na pranashyati. Gita30/6The only prayer from the Parmatma should beTAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAY

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vedas Essence

Parameters for defining the certain scripture have been names as 1.pratakshya or seeing 2.anuman or assumption 3.upama or comparison 4. arth or proposition 5.unavailability or approximation . All are compiled into words or sabda pramans of agamas . The essence of all scriptures specially Vedas is oneness and it is called nigmas .veda says..
Manurbhav..or be a noble human .
Dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya…means every human has got the parmatma inside .
Five elements as material nature have been described by goswamiji as..
Gagan sameer anala jal dharni and the examples have also been defined as ..
Dhol ganvar sudra pashu nari , mean gagan [ sky ] is as hollow as drum , sameer [ air ] is as powerful as ignorance, anala [ fire ] is as competent as sudra and finally the dharni [ earth ] is as submissive as woman .

Goswamiji has also written as nigmas the following lines for uniformity of all varnas..
Ramsakha [ nishad ] rishi [ vashishtha , Brahman the great of Vedas ] barbas bhenta , janu mahi luthat saneh sameta .

Therefore the great teaching of Vedas is Nigmas , say the essence .

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Usual Unequality

The Atma entered in body is same for all humans, according to cosmology the strength of Atma being the same in every human body , all are equal . Now come to spirituality . When Vibhishon went to lord Rama, he tells to Rama… Sahaj pappriya tamas deha, jatha ulukahi tam par neha.Means O lord, my this body is full of sins , same as owl has the affection with darkness, here how body becomes dirty , this I explain with gita shloka…. Shrotram chakshuh sparshanam cha rasanam ghraanameva cha; Adhishthaaya manashchaayam vishayaanupasevate. Presiding over the ear, the eye, touch, taste and smell, as well as the mind, he enjoys the objects of the senses. Here ' he' is said for jeevatma [ Atma in body is called jeevatma ], so with the help of mann [ mind ] this Atma serves the body employing five senses [ indriyas ] and therefore being five senses the body can be of five types .This has been well defined in Vedas being five Varnas or say five types of men. So all are not equal.An example of usual unequality is seen in Ramcharitmanas . Sri Hanumanji says to Vibhishan…

Prat leya jo naam hamara , tehi din tahi na mile ahara .

Some devotees are such that they do not take food even as in case of Hanumanji and therefore he is called jitendriya . See what Krsn says…

Vishayaa vinivartante niraahaarasya dehinah
Rasavarjam raso’pyasya param drishtwaa nivartate.
The objects of the senses turn away from the abstinent man, leaving the longing
(behind); but his longing also turns away on seeing the Supreme.

And therefore the devotee is fully devoted to parmatma . This is not a matter of surprise as goswamiji writes…

Sumirat Ramahi tajahi jan , tran sam Vishay vilas .

Hanumanji wants his life for namjap and not for food , sitamata blesses him having all the physical pleasures where he lives .

Sthitam twamanushyanti bhogah sarve mamagyya .

However this does not envolve the caste system also

There in Krsn period only Varna arrangement was in the life.See Krsn when was in Gokul, he was a Gopal means Vaish varna , he when moved to Mathura and killed Kansa, became kshatriya varna again as chariot driver he followed the orders of Arjun and was Shudra varna , thereafter going to Dwarika, he was king and Kshatriya varna. Similarly Drona was Brahmin varna and became kshatriya varna when fought .Karna was shudra varna and when , made king by Duryodhana , he fought as kshatriya varna and when
his varna as shudra was challenged by Arjun . Shalya, the maternal uncle of Arjun was deployed as chariot driver of Karna , he followed the orders of Karna and acted as shudra varna .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

PH of the Philosophy

The human knows nothing when he is born , but remembers all his doings good or bad when he is in the dying bed . He laments for his useless efforts done for his body nursing throughout his entire life span . He prepares to leave the body empty handed , this is the Philosophy of life , but, he, who cares for the PH of this material world , is a happy man . Krsn says...
Buddhiyukto jahaateeha ubhe sukrita dushkrite;Tasmaad yogaaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam. Endowed with wisdom (evenness of mind), one casts off in this life both good and evildeeds; therefore, devote thyself to Yoga; Yoga is skill in action.
Goswamiji writes...
Vadi vasan binu bhushan bharu, Vadi virati binu brahma vicharu.Saruj sarir vadi bahu bhoga, binu hari bhajan janhi yag joga..
If the entire life is not dedicated to parmatma and to welfare of the mankind , the whole span of 100 yrs life lived by this body has gone to soil .

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Oneness

Vishishta Advaita [ Oneness with speciality ] is a term which says that Parmatma or Ishwar or Brahma can be experienced with it’s material prakriti and jeevatma .

Sarvabhootaani kaunteya prakritim yaanti maamikaam;
Kalpakshaye punastaani kalpaadau visrijaamyaham.
All beings, O Arjuna, enter into My Nature at the end of a Kalpa; I send them forth again
at the beginning of (the next) Kalpa!

Many people have been known to say at last time that ,O parmatma help me leave this body . It can be said that there is some divine power or say the part of conscious parmatma which resides in body other than jeevatma . It is also known that the germ of parmatma is in the body and not the parmatma itself . See the Vedmantra…

Dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya samanam vraksham parishswajate…mundkopanishad3/1; atharvveda 20/14

This all support the oneness of the Almighty .

Monday, October 12, 2009

Super soul, Science and Student

What Krsn says…Jnaanam te’ham savijnaanam idam vakshyaamyasheshatah;Yajjnaatwaa neha bhooyo’nyaj jnaatavyamavashishyate.Means there are three main terms 1. Gyan [ knowledge , spiritual vidya ] 2. Vigyan [ science , avidya ] 3.Agyan [ ignorance ]Here Lord Krsn reiterates on the study of Vidya and Avidya both. A man is ignorant if he does not know about Vidya but he is equally ignorant if he does know about Avidya also.See what Veda says…Andham tamah pra vishanti ye vidyamupaste. Tato bhuya eva te tamo ya uavidyayamratah yaj 12/40Believing in the super soul is equally important as believing in properties of matter,and believing in properties of matter is only important when believing in super soul is in mind.In totality we can conclude that Avidya is only useful when there is Vidya in mind and this overrules all the factors of ignorant mind , not being the super soul’s ONENESS.Vedmantra below is sufficient to prove the Atma, not being Parmatma…Yadagne syamaham twam twam va gha sya aham rig8/44/23These gita shlokas also confirm it…Mayaa tatamidam sarvam jagadavyaktamoortinaa;Matsthaani sarvabhootaani na chaaham teshvavasthitah.All this world is pervaded by Me in My unmanifest aspect; all beings exist in Me, but I donot dwell in them.Na cha matsthaani bhootaani pashya me yogamaishwaram;Bhootabhrinna cha bhootastho mamaatmaa bhootabhaavanah.Nor do beings exist in Me (in reality): behold My divine Yoga, supporting all beings, butnot dwelling in them, is My Self, the efficient cause of beings.;

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Transformation of Body

Avyaktaadeeni bhootaani vyaktamadhyaani bhaarata;
Avyakta nidhanaanyeva tatra kaa paridevanaa.
Beings are unmanifested in their beginning, manifested in their middle state, O Arjuna,
and unmanifested again in their end! What is there to grieve about?
COMMENTARY: The physical body is a combination of the five elements. It is perceived
by the physical eye only after the five elements have entered into such combination. After death the
body disintegrates and all the five elements return to their source. The body cannot be perceived
now. It can be perceived only in the middle state. He who understands the nature of the body and
human relationships based upon it will not grieve.

In between the life and death , the soul remains in the form of sacred one, which may be called as pitar or demigods . the life after this can also be called as reincarnation or transformation of body by the soul. Our Vedas refer as ,Ye satyaso havirado havishpa Indren devaih saratham dadhanah , agne yahi sahastram devvandaih pariah purvaih pitrbhirdharmsadbhihi
As per Vedanta every soul is independent one and attains the next body as per many factors..gita says smaran the time of death what is in the mind, case of a king turned saint with attachment to deer became deer [ jadabharat ].At the prematured death due to mishappenings , what was the cause , may be intentional or accidental . The soul is a part of parmatma so no question beyond cosmic law.

The Prakriti [ nature ]

As I have seen in rigveda and gita, only three Vedas are referred but yajurveda defines of four Vedas, so it is same as people say that there has been some addition mahabharat and other scriptures also . But as defined by ST.Augustle in Brief history of time by Stephon hawkin , the Ice age is assumed 10000 yrs. Bce . and the creation of universe at that time, our Vedas are also so old, hence I assume Vedas to be Apaurusheya [ not prepared by man ].Therefore Vedas can be considered to be the basic hindu scripture .Any explanation which is made by man in accordance with Vedas , but in hindu social boundaries is called vedantas and above social boundaries but taking Prakriti or nature in convention is called Vedastra: . Gita explains both vedantas and vedastras. According to gita the universe is made of two type of prakriti 1. jad prakriti and 2. chetan prakriti . Parmatma is the main cause of creation and destruction….. Bhoomiraapo’nalo vaayuh kham mano buddhireva cha; Ahamkaara iteeyam me bhinnaa prakritirashtadhaa. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism—thus is My Nature divided eightfold. Apareyamitastwanyaam prakritim viddhi me paraam; Jeevabhootaam mahaabaaho yayedam dhaaryate jagat. . This is the inferior Prakriti, Omighty-armed (Arjuna)! Know thou as different from it My higher Prakriti (Nature), the very life-element by which this world is upheld. Etadyoneeni bhootaani sarvaaneetyupadhaaraya; Aham kritsnasya jagatah prabhavah pralayastathaa. Know that these two (My higher and lower Natures) are the womb of all beings. So, I am the source and dissolution of the whole universe. Now see that the sourse is the universe and there are souls , but this has the limited boundaries, if you go on adding from 1 to millions the total remains limited, therefore there is no question of Moksha of atmas, gita confirms life after death and in bet. Atmas remain in universe . If we take the case of parmatma as in above shloka parmatma exists even when universe is dissolved also, but limit exeeds the universe and it is unlimited and the atmas are freed or Moksha is attained. Veda says..Vishnoryat parmam padam .

Friday, September 25, 2009

The scientific creation

Prakritim purusham chaiva viddhyaanaadee ubhaavapi;
Vikaaraamshcha gunaamshchaiva viddhi prakritisambhavaan.
. Nature [ prakriti ] and Spirits [ living entities ] are perishable; and also that all modifications [ transformations ] are born with material body [ aggregate ] and the only living entity as Parmatma .
Etadyoneeni bhootaani sarvaaneetyupadhaaraya;
Aham kritsnasya jagatah prabhavah pralayastathaa.
These two higher [ living ] and lower [ non living ] natures are the womb of all beings. And , Parmatma is the source of creation and dissolution of the whole universe.
Mayaa’dhyakshena prakritih sooyate sacharaacharam;
Hetunaa’nena kaunteya jagadwiparivartate.
Under Parmatma as supervisor, Nature produces the moving and the unmoving entities; because of this , the world revolves .
Mama yonirmahadbrahma tasmin garbham dadhaamyaham;
Sambhavah sarvabhootaanaam tato bhavati bhaarata.
.Prakriti as a womb is the great creation; in that Parmatma place the germ; thence, is the birth of all beings .

This all confirms the scientific inventions of findings as inert material body aggregates in Moon and Mars and also explains that only after the Will of Parmatma the nature [ prakriti ] and the spirits [ living entities ] shall appear . This also concludes that most of the shining planets and stars may have the life as Earth as well .

Monday, August 24, 2009

The life

The life is always being enjoyed by everybody, may be human or others, which is a part of cosmic live energy .
But it is very clear that the result of bad deeds is always bad and has to be bear in this universe itself, may be this body or that . gita confirms it…
Vaasaamsi jeernaani yathaa vihaaya
Navaani grihnaati naro’paraani;
Tathaa shareeraani vihaaya jeernaa
Nyanyaani samyaati navaani dehee.
Just as aman casts off worn-out clothes and puts on new ones, so also the embodied Self
casts off worn-out bodies and enters others that are new.
Jaatasya hi dhruvo mrityur dhruvam janma mritasya cha;
Tasmaad aparihaarye’rthe na twam shochitum arhasi.
For, certain is death for the born and certain is birth for the dead; therefore, over the
inevitable thou shouldst not grieve.

The divine place

The divine place is certainly , the ultimate and the live cosmic energy , where parmatma takes everything in and after a certain lapse of time everything , means the live eternal energy is again created .This is said by gita as…
Aabrahmabhuvanaallokaah punaraavartino’rjuna;
Maamupetya tu kaunteya punarjanma na vidyate.
. (All) the worlds, including the world of Brahma, are subject to return again, O Arjuna who reaches Me, O son of Kunti, has no rebirth!
Sarvabhootaani kaunteya prakritim yaanti maamikaam;
Kalpakshaye punastaani kalpaadau visrijaamyaham.
All beings, O Arjuna, enter into My Nature at the end of a Kalpa; I send them forth again
at the beginning of (the next) Kalpa!
Vedas also confirm it…

Venattaspasyaninhitam guhasadyatra vishvam bhavatyekneedam .tasminndam sam cha vi chati sarvam sah otasprotascha vibhuh prajasu .
Vedahmetam purusham mahantmadityapurusham tamsah parastat . tamev viditwati mrutyameti nanyah pantha vidyateynay .
Tadwipraso vipanyiyo jagravasah samindhate, vishroryat parmam padam .

The universe

The cosmos may be understood as seen by eyes , the universe . We can also assume it to be the whole atmosphere surrounding living place of liberated atmas or souls .These , when are left from the body , attain good or bad positions. As per gita…
Te tam bhuktwaa swargalokam vishaalam
Ksheene punye martyalokam vishanti;
Evam trayeedharmamanuprapannaa
Gataagatam kaamakaamaa labhante.
. They, having enjoyed the vast heaven, enter the world of mortals when their merits are
exhausted; thus abiding by the injunctions of the three (Vedas) and desiring (objects of) desires,
they attain to the state of going and returning.
COMMENTARY: When their accumulated merits are exhausted, they come to this world
again. They have no independence.

This is also confirmed by veda…
Sa no bandhurjanita sa vidhata dhamani ved bhuvnani vishwa .yatra deva amrutmanshanashtratiye dhamandhyerayant .

The parmatma

The cosmology is scientific study of the 1. Parmatma 2.The universe 3. The divine place and 4. The life .
Parmatma is the original source , the Illuminating live almighty . For an instance a live source of unlimited energy amounting to many times of that of a sun .
So as defined by gita is…
Divi sooryasahasrasya bhavedyugapadutthitaa;
Yadi bhaah sadrishee saa syaadbhaasastasya mahaatmanah.
If the splendour of a thousand suns were to blaze out at once (simultaneously) in the sky,
that would be the splendour of that mighty Being (great soul).
Anantabaahum shashisooryanetram;
Pashyaami twaam deeptahutaashavaktram
Swatejasaa vishwamidam tapantam.
. I see Thee without beginning, middle or end, infinite in power, of endless arms, the sun
and the moon being Thy eyes, the burning fire Thy mouth, heating the entire universe with Thy radiance .

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Who is the godhead ? Veda explains…Pra tadvochedmratam nu vidwan…means only gyani can describe.Gita says…Uttamah purushastvanyah…godhead is somebody else.Ramcharitmanas says..Nana bhanti rama avtara…supreme personality is of many kind.So the thinking is advancing with time , but it is certain that Rama , Krsn or other great souls are not the godhead and it is something coming in thoughts with scientific approach , we can call the thought as Vedastra .Many of us do not know, many do not want to know and many have time not to care.What is it ? the ignorance and it can not be a solution .It is a fact that 100% of us , FEEL IT .

Rishi august were of very helping nature to a common man and so is the month of august which tells us why to read Vedastras . This has been the history that wise men have always befooled the common man, goswamiji confirms it…
Unch niwas neech kartuti .
So it is the duty and wisdom of a common man to beware of intelligent people , so that the ignorance of common man does not lead to failure . When Krsn told Arjun that there are two faces of a coin , one con and the other pros , now I have told you that Parmatma is available to all , but the con side is me , so the other side is who ?
Arjun was now enlightened , so immidietly replied…other side are you too , Krsn .See…
Karishye vachnam tav…

Friday, August 21, 2009

Princess and prosperity

India was known as Aryavarta , not due to aryas land , but , because the women here are the mothers of aryas and therefore today said as motherland also.There was a trend of swayamvar , by which women or princess chose their husbands keeping in mind for their family and not the prosperity or wealth . The full time they devoted to their family . Mata sita went to forest with lord rama , leaving aside the palacial house and wealth , kunti remained 13 yrs. with her sons in forests keeping in mind not the money but the sanskars and education .This was from the vedic time of course, see…

Minati shriyam jarima tanu na mapyu nu patnirvrashno jagamyouh .
Means children are the wealth and not the money . Goswamiji has written that only cotton sari is valuable for woman and not the ornaments , see…
Vasanheen nahi soh surari, sab bhusan bhusit var nari.
There are many examples of women leaving all the wealth for the welfare of their family . Madalsa , mother who was spiritual minded , taught her children the adhyatma and not going for the kingdom .
Chanakya was very straight forward for his writing , he described the woman not as the mother but as the enemy , who do not cares for the child but cares for her prosperity. See..

Rinkarta pita shatru mata cha abhichariny .
It has always been seen that the role of father is meaningless as for as role of mother is concerned for children .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sixth sense

Wisdom plays the main role in deciding the life of a human . It can be well understood that the knowledge is just inert thing , which can only be utilised in the
welfare by the satwik wisdom or noble thinking. Gita says..
Dhrityaa yayaa dhaarayate manah praanendriyakriyaah;Yogenaavyabhichaarinyaa dhritih saa paartha saattwikee. The unwavering firmness by which, through Yoga, the functions of the mind, thelife-force and the senses are restrained—that firmness, O Arjuna, is Sattwic!Knowledge, when used in noble cause , is said as good SIXTH SENSE or the live sick sense and it leads to devotion . The devotion is also said as..
Mayi chaananyayogena bhaktiravyabhichaarinee;Viviktadesha sevitwam aratir janasamsadi. Unswerving devotion unto Me by the Yoga of non-separation, resort to solitary places,distaste for the society of men,Adhyaatma jnaana nityatwam tattwa jnaanaartha darshanam;Etajjnaanamiti proktam ajnaanam yadato’nyathaa.Constancy in Self-knowledge, perception of the end of true knowledge—this is declaredto be knowledge, and what is opposed to it is ignorance.So knowledge is unstable.Therefore , the sixth sense or wisdom [ knowledge for noble work ] leads to devotion and finally to success , be it parmatma or else .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vedastras...the way of life

Oneness is a truth , Duality is myth pl. don’t be confused . See gita says…..
Yatra yogeshwarah krishno yatra paartho dhanurdharah;
Tatra shreervijayo bhootirdhruvaa neetirmatirmama.
Krsn is soul, Arjun, the body . There is victory , where both are present.But remember both make ONE .

128 is 1 and it is not 11 or 2, grow beard or be clean shaven , you are prey to a lion and nothing else. Be a Bhishm or a simple soldier, Kurukshetra is one. Be a rich person or be a poor one, be a PM or peon, be a Ravna or Prahast , graveyard is one.
What Hanumanji is doing, taking both Rama and Lakshman on his shoulders, see…
Liye duo jan peeth chadrai. Why, because both are one. Again see….
Pawak sar Subahu kahu mara. Anuj nishachar katak sanhara..
Duality leads to destruction and Oneness is like a rose having color and smell both, it is a liveliness.
Veda says…Paritya bhutani paritya lokan paritya sarvah pradiso dishashcha, upasthay prathamjamratsyatamanatmanamabhi sam vivesh .
Means at last remains the only one and that is Parmatma .

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Param tatva [ supreme goal ]

Lord krsn says in gita…….
Sattwam rajastama iti gunaah prakriti sambhavaah;
Nibadhnanti mahaabaaho dehe dehinam avyayam.
Purity, passion and inertia—these qualities, O mighty-armed Arjuna, born of Nature,
bind fast in the body, the embodied, the indestructible!
The three Gunas are present in all human beings. None is free from the
operation of any one of the three qualities. They are not constant. Sometimes Sattwa predominates
and at other times Rajas or Tamas predominates. One should analyse and stand as a witness of these
three qualities.
Goswamiji writes in ramcharitmanas……
Pava param tatva jimi jogi . amrat laheu jimi santat rogi .
Param rank janu paras pava….
These three are the supreme goals of human being and described as…..
Andhahi lochan labh suhava . Like a blind man gets the eyes , so the param tatva for…
Satvik yogi is ….parmatma
Rajsik human is ……immortality , and
Tamsik wicked is… .


Paritranay sadhunam vinashay cha dushkritam….is the lord Krsn’s declaration .
In olden or divine times , Brahmastras were used to .
A Brahman or following parabrahma regulations was awarded by parmatma , also called as an avtar with brahmastras . He used to be a celebrity due to maintaining celibacy and not the other.
Mother of all evils is diti and Vedas are called aditi , therefore following the Vedas regulations , a human is supposed to possess Vedastras .
The adverse effects of deteriorating technology have compelled elders to think of the religious hindu shashtras views .
Some divine narration is as…..
The Balibadh in ramcharitmanas and Karnabadh in mahabharat are the best examples.
Rama after killing bali says..O fool criminal , there is no judgement wanted for your justice, because as per ramcharitmanas goswamiji says..
tahi badhe kachhu pap na hoi.Krsn knows that karna is arjuns elder brother, still orders ..KILL HIM .Some beautifull translation from mahabharat..
Didst thou seek the path of virtue mighty karna archer bold
when shakuni robbed yudhishter of his empire and gold
didst thou tread the path of honour on yudhishtar fatal fall
heaping insults on draupadi in hastinas councilhall
didst thou fight a holy battle when with six maranders skilled
karna hunted abhimanyu and the youthful hero killed
speak not then rules of honour blackended in your sins you die
death is come in shape of arjun karnas fatal hour is nigh
Similarly in recent times Chanakya was known to teach with noble and pious human principles to his followers .
Hanumanji were the Ideal character for him .

Friday, August 7, 2009


Sarve bhavantu sukhinah ….is this veda declaration loosing it’s charm due to selfishness of humans OR the people have become coward to play behind the curtain ?Is prakrati disbalance going to finish the universe as described , the pralaya.
Who is Vaishnav and what is his duty ?
Purush evedam sarvam yadbhutam yachcha bhavyam .The Vaishnav is he , who changes the cloudy sky of ignorace to the originality of Vishnu as blue .
It is right to say that as per Vedas the character of Vishnu shown resembles the noble one , means neither so ordinarily brave as Indra , nor so destructive as Rudra and of course most suited to be a Vaishnav for human beings .Also aham brahmasmi or tattwamasi , make no proper sense as it is mere prayer. See…Yagne syamaham twam twam va gha sya aham . Syuste satya ihashishah..rig 8/44/23If only the Parabrahma or parmatma is to be prayed, which is one and not the else .It is not me not you and not the anybody, so pray , the Almighty . See….Apra dyava prathavi antarikshim surya atma jagtaststhusashcha….rig 1/115/1So it is not Vishnu , Indra , Rudra etc. etc.
Be Vaishnav, Help the needy as much as , you can .

The Almighty

Now what is said about parmatma ….Sahastrashirsha purushah sahastrakshah sahstrapat .Sa bhumim vishvato vratva atyatisthaddshangulam….rig10/90/1Gita confirms it as…….Sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvato’kshishiromukham;Sarvatah shrutimalloke sarvamaavritya tishthati.With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with earseverywhere, He exists in the worlds, enveloping all.Sarvendriyagunaabhaasam sarvendriyavivarjitam;Asaktam sarvabhricchaiva nirgunam gunabhoktru cha.Shining by the functions of all the senses, yet without the senses; unattached, yetsupporting all; devoid of qualities, yet their experiencer,Bahirantashcha bhootaanaam acharam charameva cha;Sookshmatwaat tadavijneyam doorastham chaantike cha tat.Without and within (all) beings, the unmoving and also the moving; because of Hissubtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is That.Avibhaktam cha bhooteshu vibhaktamiva cha sthitam;Bhootabhartru cha tajjneyam grasishnu prabhavishnu cha.And undivided, yet He exists as if divided in beings; He is to be known as the supporterof beings; He devours and He generates also.Again gita says that who is Vishnu, krsn etc.and they are not the para brahmaAadityaanaamaham vishnur, Among the (twelve) Adityas, I am Vishnu,Vrishneenaam vaasudevo’smi, Among Vrishnis I am Vasudeva means krsn .

So, The Almighty is one for all .


World is full of professionals , they are sitting in safe places and befooling the common and poor man in the name of religion , taking the whole world to terrorism . What the intelligent people from all religions doing? Are they making good use of this internet forum technology or just making fun of each other ?
This compells me to say that the only face of the coin exposed to us is one and if we have the fleet of cars, the weapons or anything like , there is nothing but weeping our relatives, be a 8 ft. coffin or iron bars jail, on other side and NO and NO the heaven is there, therefore ,believe or not believe the god , but believe upon your well wishers .

Thursday, August 6, 2009


One point of Bhakti in my mind a. I bought a mobile set latest to the best of my knowledge ,which today is obsolete, means technology is not said to be perfect. b. I , to best of my integrity perform work for others, but is not fruitful most of the time means my effort is not perfect. c. I had a 7hr. sleep last night , but was somewhere else in dreams means my sleep was not perfect. d. Our saints are referring Vedas, given by somebody 10,000 yrs back , when nobody thinks of proper speaking, still do not cover the soul of literature means translation is not perfect Summarizing all nothing is perfect , so who else is there ,certainly is somebody who interrupts all these activities . I think if we try to know , it is gyan [ knowledge ] If we ignore it is agyan [ Ignorance ] And if we surrender to him , it is bhakti [ Devotion ]
In the bhakti mood there is Supreme Pleasure in the whole body .
In the supreme pleasure man starts acting negatively, Vidurani starts feeding krsn the bananas scrap, goswamiji starts writing , the cotton can burn fire. But why it is so ? because there is a wall of tears between the parmatma and the bhakt , which makes the things Invisible .


We have been taught by our seers….1. Vedas 2. Vedangas 3. Vedantas Now after this we need…..Vedastras, new thought from bharat’s soil…. Vishnu…is Atma [ the soul ] Indra… Mann [ the mind ] Rudra…is Krodh [ the anger ] Ashwani Kumars…..are twin Santosh [ active and passive contentment ] Krsna… Buddhi [ wisdom ] Vrashakapi… Nigrah [ self- restraint ] And at last Cows….are Indriyas [ senses ] .