Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Truth

My submission says that there can be two aspects of thinking 1. scientific 2. logicalScientific is just the property of matter, five elements defined by VedasLogical is based on interpretation of VedmantrasAll Hindu scriptures are derived from Vedas, because only and only Vedmantras are authenticUpnishads , Agamas, purans and so more ,all are referred from Vedas .Gita and Ramcharitmanas may be said to explain Vedas…The only Tattva, say paramtattva is Imperishable BRAHMA [ Bramha is original source of Brahman means Ved ] , similarly as Vedakshar is Imperishable and that the Parmatma is one or Advait . Now see from different scriptures….Ekam sad vipra bahudha vadanti rig1/164/46Bhutanyatmaivabhud yaj40/7Twam Bramha raivid Brahmanspate rig2/1/3Yogin Paramtattvamay bhakha RamcharitmanasYo maam pashyati sarvatra sarvam cha mayi pashyati;Tasyaaham na pranashyaami sa cha me na pranashyati. Gita30/6The only prayer from the Parmatma should beTAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAY

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