Friday, October 16, 2009

The Oneness

Vishishta Advaita [ Oneness with speciality ] is a term which says that Parmatma or Ishwar or Brahma can be experienced with it’s material prakriti and jeevatma .

Sarvabhootaani kaunteya prakritim yaanti maamikaam;
Kalpakshaye punastaani kalpaadau visrijaamyaham.
All beings, O Arjuna, enter into My Nature at the end of a Kalpa; I send them forth again
at the beginning of (the next) Kalpa!

Many people have been known to say at last time that ,O parmatma help me leave this body . It can be said that there is some divine power or say the part of conscious parmatma which resides in body other than jeevatma . It is also known that the germ of parmatma is in the body and not the parmatma itself . See the Vedmantra…

Dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya samanam vraksham parishswajate…mundkopanishad3/1; atharvveda 20/14

This all support the oneness of the Almighty .

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