Thursday, January 11, 2018

bhagwadgita lesson

There you will find nothing like imposing the ism in gita . It is a scripture containing the guidelines of life . If we deeply go it inside and do not take professional or political move always we find that it is a manual of humanity . Not very earlier but Manusmriti is a scripture containing the biased views of the same time . Not going for higher vedic thoughts people may like Upanishads talking in the way of finding spiritual teachings. In such other cases phrases like , sarve bhavantu sukhinah , sarve santu niramayah etc also do not come in any ism quality and can be recited very often to guide the holy way of life . Exclusively if we talk of bhagwadgita it is termed as the gyan obtained by rajrishis only in earlier times . Of course gita talks of the dakshye , the skill to obtain the immortality , amrit ashnute . The sankhyayoga which is the exclusive matter has been discussed in gita is as told to arjuna by lord krsna . Going through mahabharat we find lord krsna performing every gita thought adopted to kill the aggressors . Take the example of bhishma , drona or jayadratha every step adopted is very skilful .So gita contains all gist of win ,be the real life or the spiritual . As in a real life for example if we do not always have TRUMP in our cards ,never mind there is always a skill to win .
Continuing in the same fashion chapter 18 emphasises to live in different category to eat in different category and to worship in different category but homogeneously . Always it reminds the people to spend the life keeping in mind the last stage not to go empty handed as there have been a long long journey and who knows how much again going to live after .Living 100 years is not as much as zero to this whole length . Krsna specifically says, na rupam asya iha tatha upalabhyate in chapter 15 that there is no such hard and fast philosophy to tell finally for the life cycle and therefore always try to find that immortal personality , tam eva cha adyam purusham prapadye . This is very strange that a person who can not limit the material nature properties ,how he can decide about the qualities of living entities and therefore one who understands this philosophy concerning material nature, the living entity and the interaction of the modes of nature is sure to attain SANKHYA and he will not take birth here again, regardless of his present human position.