Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the humanity

World peace is the major concept of today . science works for the welfare of human but the word peace can only be obtained by the spirituality . opinions differ from man to man therefore a common concept of oldest scripture may lead to the solution . Vedas are the oldest and knowing the goal of Vedas is eternal duty . it is the Vedanta or one may say it as a sanatan dharm . krate cha prati kartavyam es dharmah sanatanah , is the quote from valmiki ramayan the oldest Sanskrit literature from Vedas . following the duty as per Vedas may also be referred from gita . krsn says…Vedaischa sarvairahameva vedyo
Vedaantakrid vedavid eva chaaham . therefore the principles illustrated in gita give the real Vedanta or the noble duty .goswami ji tulasidas was born at the verge of such changing boundaries of human character so he wrote the ramcharitmanas to bring the model code of conduct . he described by the dialogue between lord rama and sugreeva the model character of a noble human . he writes…
Friend, you have thought out a wise course: but My vow is to dispel all fears from the
mind of those who seek refuge in Me.. Hanuman rejoiced to hear these words of the
Lord, who cherished paternal affection for His protege. Those people who forsake a suppliant, apprehending evil from him are vile and
sinful; their very sight is abominable .I will not abandon even the murderer , if he seeks refuge
in Me. The moment a creature turns its face towards Me the sins incurred by it through
millions of lives are washed away. A sinner by his very nature is averse to My worship.
Had Vibhisona been wicked at heart, could he ever dare to approach Me? That man
alone who has a pure mind can attain to Me; I have an aversion for duplicity, wiles and
censoriousness. Even if Ravna has sent him to find out our secrets, we have nothing to fear or lose, O lord of the monkeys. Lakshmana, O my friend, can dispose of in a trice
all the demons the world contains. And if he has sought shelter with Me out of fear, I will
cherish him as My own life .In either case bring him here, the All-merciful laughed and said. Glory to the
merciful Lord, cried the monkeys and proceeded with angada and Hanuman (to usher
in Vibhisona).

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the power of thy hand

1. YE Gods, raise up once more the man whom ye have humbled and brought low.
O Gods, restore to life again the man who hatb committed sin.
2 Two several winds are blowing here, from Sindhu, from a distant land.
May one breathe energy to thee, the other blow disease away.
3 Hither, O Wind, blow healing balm, blow all disease away, thou Wind;
For thou who hast all medicine comest as envoy of the Gods.
4 I am come nigh to thee with balms to give thee rest and keep thee safe.
I bring thee blessed strength, I drive thy weakening malady away.
5 Here let the Gods deliver him, the Maruts’ band deliver him:
All things that be deliver him that he be freed from his disease.
6 The Waters have their healing power, the Waters drive disease away.
The Waters have a balm for all: let them make medicine for thee.
7 The tongue that leads the voice precedes. Then with our ten-fold branching hands,
With these two chasers of disease we stroke thee with a gentle touch.

uta devā avahitaṃ devā un nayathā punaḥ |
utāghaścakruṣaṃ devā devā jīvayathā punaḥ ||
dvāvimau vātau vāta ā sindhorā parāvataḥ |
dakṣante anya ā vātu parānyo vātu yad rapaḥ ||
ā vāta vāhi bheṣajaṃ vi vāta vāhi yad rapaḥ |
tvaṃ hiviśvabheṣajo devānāṃ dūta īyase ||
ā tvāghamaṃ śantātibhiratho ariṣṭatātibhiḥ |
dakṣante bhadramābhārṣaṃ parā yakṣmaṃ suvāmi te ||
trāyantāmiha devāstrāyatāṃ marutāṃ ghaṇaḥ |
trāyantāṃ viśvā bhūtāni yathāyamarapā asat ||
āpa id vā u bheṣajīrāpo amīvacātanīḥ |
āpaḥsarvasya bheṣajīstāste kṛṇvantu bheṣajam ||
hastābhyāṃ daśaśākhā bhyāṃ jihvā vācaḥ puroghavī |
anāmayitnubhyāṃ tvā tabhyāṃ tvopa spṛśāmasi ||