Sunday, May 7, 2017

wisdom over religion

Always from ancient times the wisdom has played the positive role. Although it is necessary to quote something with pramanas or authentication . Tasmat shashtram pramanam, gita says .
Where wisdom plays the role can be taken from ramcharitmanas , vidya binu vivek upjaye * nashahi beg niti us suni .
Yudhister was taken to hell because he followed the dharma but not wisdom .He followed dharma playing gambling . he followed dharma draupadi being insulted . He followed dharma speaking lie on aswatthama killed . But was scolded by lord krsna when he told that he was the reason destroying his family so will not become the king after mahabharat .
If it was like this why you did not take your wisdom when this all was happening ,krsna asked.And there is a example of king janak krsna illustrated.
When mahabharat was just being started yuyutsva the fighter on duryodhana side parted and joined arjuna and also when mahabharat was just ending yuyutsva took permission from you ,yudhister to look after ladies, krsna told citing the wisdom .
Buddhi yogam upashritya mat chitah satatam bhav, buddhiyogam is nothing but wisdom .
There is certainly the self religion better than others but it should be swabhav niyatam means natural by instinct or oriented by wisdom again gita says .
Be it 5000 BC or 2100 AD the principle remains the same , allow wisdom to work ,sanstabhya atmani atmana means controlling the mind over intelligence to act as per wisdom in the benefit of soul .
There are confusion over rebirth but authentications are that the soul travels from one body to other may be that soul is not a separate identity and is all Brahman .
So wisdom lies acting good for soul acting pious for soul and learning from intelligent preachers as not a blind person can lead a path to a blind person .
Science is a tool working with material nature so it is beneficial to a living creature but not for dead .
Yasmin gata na nivartanti bhuyah , is a part of wisdom means there certainly is a place where is peace and no coming or going .
In a final content vivek or wisdom depends on shraddha or devotion to lord who controls the universe and one must work for the benefit of self soul .
Remember nashyami atmabhavah sthah means god helps for self benefit if a person deserves so .