Friday, October 23, 2009

The Usual Unequality

The Atma entered in body is same for all humans, according to cosmology the strength of Atma being the same in every human body , all are equal . Now come to spirituality . When Vibhishon went to lord Rama, he tells to Rama… Sahaj pappriya tamas deha, jatha ulukahi tam par neha.Means O lord, my this body is full of sins , same as owl has the affection with darkness, here how body becomes dirty , this I explain with gita shloka…. Shrotram chakshuh sparshanam cha rasanam ghraanameva cha; Adhishthaaya manashchaayam vishayaanupasevate. Presiding over the ear, the eye, touch, taste and smell, as well as the mind, he enjoys the objects of the senses. Here ' he' is said for jeevatma [ Atma in body is called jeevatma ], so with the help of mann [ mind ] this Atma serves the body employing five senses [ indriyas ] and therefore being five senses the body can be of five types .This has been well defined in Vedas being five Varnas or say five types of men. So all are not equal.An example of usual unequality is seen in Ramcharitmanas . Sri Hanumanji says to Vibhishan…

Prat leya jo naam hamara , tehi din tahi na mile ahara .

Some devotees are such that they do not take food even as in case of Hanumanji and therefore he is called jitendriya . See what Krsn says…

Vishayaa vinivartante niraahaarasya dehinah
Rasavarjam raso’pyasya param drishtwaa nivartate.
The objects of the senses turn away from the abstinent man, leaving the longing
(behind); but his longing also turns away on seeing the Supreme.

And therefore the devotee is fully devoted to parmatma . This is not a matter of surprise as goswamiji writes…

Sumirat Ramahi tajahi jan , tran sam Vishay vilas .

Hanumanji wants his life for namjap and not for food , sitamata blesses him having all the physical pleasures where he lives .

Sthitam twamanushyanti bhogah sarve mamagyya .

However this does not envolve the caste system also

There in Krsn period only Varna arrangement was in the life.See Krsn when was in Gokul, he was a Gopal means Vaish varna , he when moved to Mathura and killed Kansa, became kshatriya varna again as chariot driver he followed the orders of Arjun and was Shudra varna , thereafter going to Dwarika, he was king and Kshatriya varna. Similarly Drona was Brahmin varna and became kshatriya varna when fought .Karna was shudra varna and when , made king by Duryodhana , he fought as kshatriya varna and when
his varna as shudra was challenged by Arjun . Shalya, the maternal uncle of Arjun was deployed as chariot driver of Karna , he followed the orders of Karna and acted as shudra varna .

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