Saturday, October 17, 2009

PH of the Philosophy

The human knows nothing when he is born , but remembers all his doings good or bad when he is in the dying bed . He laments for his useless efforts done for his body nursing throughout his entire life span . He prepares to leave the body empty handed , this is the Philosophy of life , but, he, who cares for the PH of this material world , is a happy man . Krsn says...
Buddhiyukto jahaateeha ubhe sukrita dushkrite;Tasmaad yogaaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam. Endowed with wisdom (evenness of mind), one casts off in this life both good and evildeeds; therefore, devote thyself to Yoga; Yoga is skill in action.
Goswamiji writes...
Vadi vasan binu bhushan bharu, Vadi virati binu brahma vicharu.Saruj sarir vadi bahu bhoga, binu hari bhajan janhi yag joga..
If the entire life is not dedicated to parmatma and to welfare of the mankind , the whole span of 100 yrs life lived by this body has gone to soil .

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