Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vedas Essence

Parameters for defining the certain scripture have been names as 1.pratakshya or seeing 2.anuman or assumption 3.upama or comparison 4. arth or proposition 5.unavailability or approximation . All are compiled into words or sabda pramans of agamas . The essence of all scriptures specially Vedas is oneness and it is called nigmas .veda says..
Manurbhav..or be a noble human .
Dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya…means every human has got the parmatma inside .
Five elements as material nature have been described by goswamiji as..
Gagan sameer anala jal dharni and the examples have also been defined as ..
Dhol ganvar sudra pashu nari , mean gagan [ sky ] is as hollow as drum , sameer [ air ] is as powerful as ignorance, anala [ fire ] is as competent as sudra and finally the dharni [ earth ] is as submissive as woman .

Goswamiji has also written as nigmas the following lines for uniformity of all varnas..
Ramsakha [ nishad ] rishi [ vashishtha , Brahman the great of Vedas ] barbas bhenta , janu mahi luthat saneh sameta .

Therefore the great teaching of Vedas is Nigmas , say the essence .

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