Friday, August 7, 2009


Sarve bhavantu sukhinah ….is this veda declaration loosing it’s charm due to selfishness of humans OR the people have become coward to play behind the curtain ?Is prakrati disbalance going to finish the universe as described , the pralaya.
Who is Vaishnav and what is his duty ?
Purush evedam sarvam yadbhutam yachcha bhavyam .The Vaishnav is he , who changes the cloudy sky of ignorace to the originality of Vishnu as blue .
It is right to say that as per Vedas the character of Vishnu shown resembles the noble one , means neither so ordinarily brave as Indra , nor so destructive as Rudra and of course most suited to be a Vaishnav for human beings .Also aham brahmasmi or tattwamasi , make no proper sense as it is mere prayer. See…Yagne syamaham twam twam va gha sya aham . Syuste satya ihashishah..rig 8/44/23If only the Parabrahma or parmatma is to be prayed, which is one and not the else .It is not me not you and not the anybody, so pray , the Almighty . See….Apra dyava prathavi antarikshim surya atma jagtaststhusashcha….rig 1/115/1So it is not Vishnu , Indra , Rudra etc. etc.
Be Vaishnav, Help the needy as much as , you can .

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