Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sixth sense

Wisdom plays the main role in deciding the life of a human . It can be well understood that the knowledge is just inert thing , which can only be utilised in the
welfare by the satwik wisdom or noble thinking. Gita says..
Dhrityaa yayaa dhaarayate manah praanendriyakriyaah;Yogenaavyabhichaarinyaa dhritih saa paartha saattwikee. The unwavering firmness by which, through Yoga, the functions of the mind, thelife-force and the senses are restrained—that firmness, O Arjuna, is Sattwic!Knowledge, when used in noble cause , is said as good SIXTH SENSE or the live sick sense and it leads to devotion . The devotion is also said as..
Mayi chaananyayogena bhaktiravyabhichaarinee;Viviktadesha sevitwam aratir janasamsadi. Unswerving devotion unto Me by the Yoga of non-separation, resort to solitary places,distaste for the society of men,Adhyaatma jnaana nityatwam tattwa jnaanaartha darshanam;Etajjnaanamiti proktam ajnaanam yadato’nyathaa.Constancy in Self-knowledge, perception of the end of true knowledge—this is declaredto be knowledge, and what is opposed to it is ignorance.So knowledge is unstable.Therefore , the sixth sense or wisdom [ knowledge for noble work ] leads to devotion and finally to success , be it parmatma or else .

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