Thursday, August 6, 2009


One point of Bhakti in my mind a. I bought a mobile set latest to the best of my knowledge ,which today is obsolete, means technology is not said to be perfect. b. I , to best of my integrity perform work for others, but is not fruitful most of the time means my effort is not perfect. c. I had a 7hr. sleep last night , but was somewhere else in dreams means my sleep was not perfect. d. Our saints are referring Vedas, given by somebody 10,000 yrs back , when nobody thinks of proper speaking, still do not cover the soul of literature means translation is not perfect Summarizing all nothing is perfect , so who else is there ,certainly is somebody who interrupts all these activities . I think if we try to know , it is gyan [ knowledge ] If we ignore it is agyan [ Ignorance ] And if we surrender to him , it is bhakti [ Devotion ]
In the bhakti mood there is Supreme Pleasure in the whole body .
In the supreme pleasure man starts acting negatively, Vidurani starts feeding krsn the bananas scrap, goswamiji starts writing , the cotton can burn fire. But why it is so ? because there is a wall of tears between the parmatma and the bhakt , which makes the things Invisible .

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