Saturday, August 8, 2009


Paritranay sadhunam vinashay cha dushkritam….is the lord Krsn’s declaration .
In olden or divine times , Brahmastras were used to .
A Brahman or following parabrahma regulations was awarded by parmatma , also called as an avtar with brahmastras . He used to be a celebrity due to maintaining celibacy and not the other.
Mother of all evils is diti and Vedas are called aditi , therefore following the Vedas regulations , a human is supposed to possess Vedastras .
The adverse effects of deteriorating technology have compelled elders to think of the religious hindu shashtras views .
Some divine narration is as…..
The Balibadh in ramcharitmanas and Karnabadh in mahabharat are the best examples.
Rama after killing bali says..O fool criminal , there is no judgement wanted for your justice, because as per ramcharitmanas goswamiji says..
tahi badhe kachhu pap na hoi.Krsn knows that karna is arjuns elder brother, still orders ..KILL HIM .Some beautifull translation from mahabharat..
Didst thou seek the path of virtue mighty karna archer bold
when shakuni robbed yudhishter of his empire and gold
didst thou tread the path of honour on yudhishtar fatal fall
heaping insults on draupadi in hastinas councilhall
didst thou fight a holy battle when with six maranders skilled
karna hunted abhimanyu and the youthful hero killed
speak not then rules of honour blackended in your sins you die
death is come in shape of arjun karnas fatal hour is nigh
Similarly in recent times Chanakya was known to teach with noble and pious human principles to his followers .
Hanumanji were the Ideal character for him .

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