Friday, August 21, 2009

Princess and prosperity

India was known as Aryavarta , not due to aryas land , but , because the women here are the mothers of aryas and therefore today said as motherland also.There was a trend of swayamvar , by which women or princess chose their husbands keeping in mind for their family and not the prosperity or wealth . The full time they devoted to their family . Mata sita went to forest with lord rama , leaving aside the palacial house and wealth , kunti remained 13 yrs. with her sons in forests keeping in mind not the money but the sanskars and education .This was from the vedic time of course, see…

Minati shriyam jarima tanu na mapyu nu patnirvrashno jagamyouh .
Means children are the wealth and not the money . Goswamiji has written that only cotton sari is valuable for woman and not the ornaments , see…
Vasanheen nahi soh surari, sab bhusan bhusit var nari.
There are many examples of women leaving all the wealth for the welfare of their family . Madalsa , mother who was spiritual minded , taught her children the adhyatma and not going for the kingdom .
Chanakya was very straight forward for his writing , he described the woman not as the mother but as the enemy , who do not cares for the child but cares for her prosperity. See..

Rinkarta pita shatru mata cha abhichariny .
It has always been seen that the role of father is meaningless as for as role of mother is concerned for children .


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