Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vedastras...the way of life

Oneness is a truth , Duality is myth pl. don’t be confused . See gita says…..
Yatra yogeshwarah krishno yatra paartho dhanurdharah;
Tatra shreervijayo bhootirdhruvaa neetirmatirmama.
Krsn is soul, Arjun, the body . There is victory , where both are present.But remember both make ONE .

128 is 1 and it is not 11 or 2, grow beard or be clean shaven , you are prey to a lion and nothing else. Be a Bhishm or a simple soldier, Kurukshetra is one. Be a rich person or be a poor one, be a PM or peon, be a Ravna or Prahast , graveyard is one.
What Hanumanji is doing, taking both Rama and Lakshman on his shoulders, see…
Liye duo jan peeth chadrai. Why, because both are one. Again see….
Pawak sar Subahu kahu mara. Anuj nishachar katak sanhara..
Duality leads to destruction and Oneness is like a rose having color and smell both, it is a liveliness.
Veda says…Paritya bhutani paritya lokan paritya sarvah pradiso dishashcha, upasthay prathamjamratsyatamanatmanamabhi sam vivesh .
Means at last remains the only one and that is Parmatma .

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