Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Transformation of Body

Avyaktaadeeni bhootaani vyaktamadhyaani bhaarata;
Avyakta nidhanaanyeva tatra kaa paridevanaa.
Beings are unmanifested in their beginning, manifested in their middle state, O Arjuna,
and unmanifested again in their end! What is there to grieve about?
COMMENTARY: The physical body is a combination of the five elements. It is perceived
by the physical eye only after the five elements have entered into such combination. After death the
body disintegrates and all the five elements return to their source. The body cannot be perceived
now. It can be perceived only in the middle state. He who understands the nature of the body and
human relationships based upon it will not grieve.

In between the life and death , the soul remains in the form of sacred one, which may be called as pitar or demigods . the life after this can also be called as reincarnation or transformation of body by the soul. Our Vedas refer as ,Ye satyaso havirado havishpa Indren devaih saratham dadhanah , agne yahi sahastram devvandaih pariah purvaih pitrbhirdharmsadbhihi
As per Vedanta every soul is independent one and attains the next body as per many factors..gita says smaran the time of death what is in the mind, case of a king turned saint with attachment to deer became deer [ jadabharat ].At the prematured death due to mishappenings , what was the cause , may be intentional or accidental . The soul is a part of parmatma so no question beyond cosmic law.

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