Saturday, November 7, 2009

The mantras of Vedastras/guidance

People usually ask the MANTRA of life. No doubt if proper guidance is in life , it is very useful. Goswamiji has instructed all necessary rules as guidance in Kishkindhakand of Ramcharitmans , describing the rainy season.
The peacocks dance at the sight of the clouds, even as
a householder having a leaning towards dispassion would rejoice to see a devotee of
Parmatma.. .The clouds are fast gathering in the sky and making a terrible noise.
Amid the clouds, like the friendship of the wicked, which never endures. The pouring
clouds cleave close to the ground even as the learned stoop beneath accumulated lore.
The mountains endure the buffeting of showers even as a saint would put up with the
taunts of the wicked. The swelling streamlets rush with great speed just as the wicked
would feel elated even with a small fortune. The water becomes turbid the moment it
descends on earth, even as the an embodied soul is enveloped in maya. as soon
as born. The water coming from various directions gathers into a pool even as
commendable virtues find their way into the heart of a noble soul. The water of the
stream, becomes still once it pours into the ocean, just as the ego finds eternal rest on
attaining union with Almighty.The green earth is so choked with grass that the tracks cannot be distinguished,
just as holy books are obscured by heretic doctrines.On all sides one hears the delightful croaking of frogs, which reminds one of a
batch of religious students chanting the Vedas. Clothed with new leaves the trees of
different species look as green and cheerful as the mind of a striving soul who has
attained spiritual wisdom. The leaves of the certain plants have fallen off even
as under a good government the plans of the wicked come to naught. Dust cannot be
found even if one searches for it, just as piety is scared away by anger. The earth rich
with crops appears as delightful as the wealth of a generous man. In the thick darkness
of the night fireflies gleam like a mustered band of hypocrites. The embankments of the
fields have been breached by torrential rains just as ignorant get spoiled by freedom.
Clever farmers protect their crop by uprooting the weeds, just as the wise discard
infatuation, vanity and pride. The certain birds are no more to be seen, just as virtues
disappear with the failed law and order. Even though it rains on the barren lands as well, not a blade
of grass sprouts on it, just as concupiscence takes no root in the heart of a servant of
Almighty. The earth looks charming with the swarms of various living creatures even as
the population grows under a good government. Many a traveller has stopped
here and there just as with the dawning of wisdom the senses become still. Sometimes a strong wind would blow and disperse the clouds in various
directions, just as with the birth of an unworthy son the noble traditions of a family get
extinct. Now it becomes pitch dark even during the day, while at other times the sun
would shine brightly, just as the light of wisdom is obscured in the company of the vile
and manifests itself in the company of the good.

The constellation known by the name of Agastya
(Canopus) has appeared and dried up the water on the roads even as contentment
swallows greed. The limpid water of the rivers and lakes looks charming as a saint.s heart
devoid of pride and infatuation. Drop by drop the water of the streams and lakes is drying up
even as the wise shake off the possessive instinct. Knowing that the autumn had set in the
one winter bird has made its appearance, just as the welcome fruit of one.s meritorious
deeds appears at the appointed time (neither sooner nor later). Devoid of mud and dust the
earth has assumed a lovely aspect just like the administration of a monarch well-versed in
politics. The fish are distressed on account of the diminishing waters even as an improvident
householder suffering from want of money. The cloudless sky is shining as bright as a
devotee of Almighty, who has abandoned all desires. Here and there we have light autumnal
showers, just as a rare soul comes to develop devotion. .Kings and ascetics, merchants and mendicants are gladly leaving the city (kings
for extending their dominions, ascetics in search of a suitable place for practising
penance, merchants for carrying on their trade and mendicants for begging alms), just
as men in any of the four stages of life cease to toil (for perfection) once they have
acquired devotion to Parmatma .In deep waters the fish are as happy as ever, just as those who have taken
refuge in Almighty never fall into trouble of any kind. With full-blown lotuses
the lake appears as charming as when the absolute Brahma appears with form. The
bees are making a humming sound which possesses a unique melody of its own, and
the birds a charming concert of diverse sounds. The nasty bird is sad at heart to
see the night, just as a villain is grieved at the sight of another.s fortune. The one bird
cries out in its agony of excessive thirst just as an enemy of Parmatma knows no rest.
The moon by night relieves the heat of the autumnal sun, just as the sight of a holy man
drives away sin. Flocks of birds fix their gaze on the moon as soon as she
comes to their view, even as the votaries of Brahma on meeting Him. Mosquitoes and
gadflies have perished due to fear of cold, just as hostility to the saints brings, ruin
to the entire family.
The insects that teemed on the earth have perished with the advent of the
autumn, just as a man who has found a teacher in the real sense of the term is rid of
all doubt and error.

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