Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The land of aryans people invented where the civilization was at top  so AIT was aryan invention theory . Shrutis were main guide for people . Gita was spoken mainly to know shrutis in exact . Running aftergod confused people avoid duties and gita thus tells proficiency in proper actions as Yoga .
Arjuna asked to lord krsna ,by killing these sons of Dhritarashtra, what pleasure can be ours, O Janardana? Only sin will accrue by killing these felons. We have heard [ shrutis ] , O Janardana, that inevitable is the dwelling for an unknown period in hell for those men in whose families the religious practices have been destroyed! Better it is, indeed, in this world to accept alms than to slay the most noble Guru. But if I kill them, even in this world all my enjoyments of wealth and desires will be stained with (their) blood. I do not see that it would remove this sorrow that burns up my senses even if I should attain prosperous and unrivalled dominion on earth or lordship over the gods.
Krsna replied ,whence is this perilous strait come upon thee [ arya ], this dejection which is unworthy of thee,disgraceful, and which will close the gates of heaven upon thee .
The contacts of the senses with the objects [ sensual pleasures ] , O son of Kunti, which cause heat and cold and pleasure and pain, have a beginning and an end; they are impermanent; endure them bravely, O Arjuna!
One sees This (the Self) as a wonder; another speaks of It as a wonder; another hear [shrutis] of It as a wonder; yet, having heard, none understands It at all. For those who are much attached to pleasure and to power, whose minds are drawn away by such teaching, that determinate faculty is not manifest that is steadily bent on meditation and Samadhi (the state of Superconsciousness).
Endowed with wisdom (evenness of mind), one casts off in this life both good and evil
deeds; therefore, devote thyself to Yoga; Yoga is proficiency in right action. When thy intellect crosses beyond the mire of delusion, then thou shalt attain to indifference as to what has been heard and what has yet to be heard [ shrutis ] . When thy intellect, perplexed by what thou hast heard, shall stand immovable and steady in the Self, then thou shalt attain Self-realisation. Do thou perform thy bounden duty, for action is superior to inaction and even the maintenance of the body would not be possible for thee by inaction. With this do ye nourish the gods, and may the gods nourish you; thus nourishing one another, ye shall attain to the highest good. Those who long for success in action in this world devotion to the gods, because success is quickly attained by men through action. Some again offer wealth, austerity and Yoga as devotion, while the ascetics of self-restraint and rigid vows offer study of scriptures and knowledge as devotion. To those men who worship Me alone, thinking of no other, of those ever united, I secure what is not already possessed and preserve what they already possess. Those who, fixing their minds on Me, worship Me, ever steadfast and endowed with supreme faith, these are the best in Yoga in My opinion. Better indeed is knowledge than practice; than knowledge meditation is better; than meditation the renunciation of the fruits of actions; peace immediately follows renunciation. He who thus knows Spirit and Matter, together with the qualities, in whatever condition he may be, he is not reborn. Some by meditation behold the Self in the Self by the Self, others by the Yoga of
knowledge, and others by the Yoga of action. Others also, not knowing thus, worship, having heard of it from others; they, too, cross beyond death, regarding what they have heard     [shrutis]as the supreme refuge.
Has this been heard [ exact shrutis ] , O Arjuna, with one-pointed mind? Has the delusion of thy ignorance been fully destroyed, O Dhananjaya, Krsna asked ?
Destroyed is my delusion as I have gained my memory (knowledge, the exact shrutis ) through Thy Grace,O Krishna! I am firm; my doubts are gone. I will act according to Thy word, Arjuna replied .

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