Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Consciousness

Consciousness is knowing the things as they are viz. Any living creature can not live without food , there ever and never technology can prove it wrong .All living entities except human possess the consciousness , but the human has to cultivate it . The oldest old scriptures are Vedas which narrate the life style . To utilize these Vedas knowledge in utmost proper sense is consciousness of life . Goswamiji has taken the cows described in Vedas as Earth , he describes the demons as those who pollute the environment……The terrible outrages the demons did beggar description. There is no limit to the
evil-doings of those who hold violence most dear to their heart. The number of villains, thieves and gamblers and of those who coveted others.
wealth and wives swelled to a great extent. People honoured not their parents and gods
and exacted service from pious souls. Those who act in this way, know all
such creatures as demons. Perceiving the supreme disrespect for religion Earth was
extremely alarmed and perturbed. .The weight of mountains, rivers and oceans,. she
said to herself, .is not so oppressive to me as of him who is malevolent to others.. She
saw all goodness perverted; yet for fear of demons she could not utter a word. After great
deliberation she took the form of a cow and went to the spot where all gods and sages
were in hiding. With tears in her eyes she told them her sufferings; but none of them
could be of any help to her.
Vedas say , Aum krato smar, klibe smar , kratam smar . Krsn tells Arjuna that the real meaning of these words is to be understood and those who don’t know they are of less intelligence . Yaam imaam pushpitaam vaacham pravadantyavipashchitah;
Vedavaadarataah paartha naanyad asteeti vaadinah.
Flowery speech is uttered by the unwise, who take pleasure in the eulogising words of
the Vedas, O Arjuna, saying: “There is nothing else!”. Also the question of Arjun as Na chaitad vidmah kataran no gareeyo
Yadwaa jayema yadi vaa no jayeyuh;
Yaan eva hatwaa na jijeevishaamas
Te’vasthitaah pramukhe dhaartaraashtraah.
I can hardly tell which will be better: that we should conquer them or they should conquer
us. Even the sons of Dhritarashtra, after slaying whom we do not wish to live, stand facing us , is answered as consciousness by Krsn .He says that controlling the senses by mind with help of steady wisdom make the victory over lust , anger and covetousness .
The lust is generated by the age up to 25 which is for Krato smar or for creation . The anger is generated up to age of 50 which is for Klibe smar or performing the noble duties . The last is covetousness which is generated by the age up to 75 and which is for Kratam smar or knowing about the entire life span . These all are from the consciousness of super soul and not by the individual soul , as Krsn says….Teshaam evaanukampaartham aham ajnaanajam tamah;
Naashayaamyaatmabhaavastho jnaanadeepena bhaaswataa.
Out of mere compassion for them, I, dwelling within their Self, destroy the darkness
born of ignorance by the luminous lamp of knowledge.

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