Monday, January 2, 2012

divine - effort

Sitting on the top of a tree one weaker soul asked the stronger ,let us go to earth and take human bodies so that we get the liberation .The deal was done but it was the philosophy . Beauty is in following the deal .Rishi says, as I lay within the womb, considered all generations of these gods in order ,a hundred iron fortresses confined me but forth I flew with rapid speed a falcon.
gharbhe nu sann anv eṣām avedam ahaṃ devānāṃ janimāni viśvā |
śatam mā pura āyasīr arakṣann adha śyeno javasā nir adīyam || 1/27/4mndlm rigveda
But it is not possible for any worldly ordinary person therefore the procedure is having found the human body one should close all the nine gates in body, confined the mind in the heart and fixed the life-breath, the pran in the head, engaged in the practice of concentration, uttering the monosyllable aum remembering the god always, he who departs thus, leaving the body, attains to the supreme goal. Now it can be observed only when one has got the practice in daily life . Constantly remembering the god throughout one’s life is the easiest way of attaining him. God is easily attainable by that ever-steadfast devotee who constantly and daily remembers him, not thinking of anything else (with a single or one-pointed mind and not by action of senses) . That highest purusha is attainable by unswerving devotion to him alone within whom all beings dwell and by whom all this is pervaded [ gita ] .
This can not be easily done because of maya . Over powering the maya is hard task . Rishi says , bearing in mind a thought with light accordant, he purified the sun with three refinings; by his own nature gained the highest treasure, and looked abroad over the earth and heaven.
tribhiḥ pavitrairapupod dhyarkaṃ hṛdā matiṃ jyotiranu prajānan |
varṣiṣṭhaṃ ratnamakṛta svadhābhirādid dyāvāpṛthivī paryapaśyat || 8/26/3 mndlm rigveda
Deluded by these natures (states or things of maya) composed of the three qualities
this world does not know the god as distinct from them and immutable [ gita].
It is by good fortune that you have secured a human body, declared by all the scriptures is difficult even for the gods to attain. It is a tabernacle suitable for spiritual endeavours, gatewayto liberation. He who fails to earn a good destiny hereafter even on attaining it .He reaps torture in the other world and beats his head in remorse, wrongly attributing the blame to time, fate and god .The man who, though equipped with all these resources, fails to cross the ocean of metempsychosis is ungrateful and dull-witted and meets the fate of a self-murderer [ ramcharitmanas ].
Spirituality dominates the philosophy was my answer when one person asked about the Indians being less progressive . philosophy may be a part of intelligence which may lead to a bigger scope of technology but it is not going to live longer . what do you think , is this earth having any power to grow and grow up ? no , never , it is the supreme soul which makes the earth live . This body of every creature is made of five perishable elements , everyone knows and this soul is just a medium of circulation being a enjoyer . Every soul compulsorily has to suffer it’s deeds whether it kills or is killed by the other soul . This earth is going to be barren when only the uttamah purushah , the almighty is going to wrap his luggage out .
Defining the world in any form gita even feels not comfortable as , na rupamasyeh tathopalabhyate ch 15.
Sri bhagvatam describes the event very well taken from vedas , when lord Vishnu in Vaman form asked for three steps of land from king bali . Shukracharya , the guru of king bali hinted him not to give but the king did not agree . Shukracharya was adamant much for not giving the land and he entered in the pot of water at the hole from where the sankalp with water was to be performed . King felt the obstruction in the water way and pinned with the hard grass making the guru blind of one eye , to suffer the guru for his deed .

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